Spotlight on Indonesia’s Talent and Technology

7 August 2020

Spotlight on Indonesia’s Talent and Technology

Spire spoke at the recent Singapore Business Federation webinar on the theme of managing business in Indonesia, discussing the role of technology.

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) brought together a panel of experts for a webinar that was held on 7 August 2020. Wonderlab’s Keith Tan agreed with Elabram’s Joe Yohannes and Marissa Virgita that fostering a team environment works well in the Indonesians workplace. Anisa Manut Maulani, Editor of e27, talked about notable trends in the Indonesian startup ecosystem.

Spire’s Deputy CEO, Japnit Singh, gave an overview of Indonesia’s technology landscape, while Ingrid Rix, Spire’s Head of Operations, delved into the findings of Spire Technology Survey 2020. She revealed the consumer trends, key growth drivers and high growth areas in Indonesia’s Technology sector, which is an important market for Singapore companies as well as being a key enabler of workplace innovation.

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