India’s E-Commerce Logistics Industry: Uncaged and ready to grow

18 May 2020
Techno Business

India’s E-Commerce Logistics Industry: Uncaged and ready to grow

India’s E-Commerce logistics industry is projected to expand massively by 2025. Spire Research and Consulting shared its research on India’s E-Commerce Logistics Industry in Techno Business magazine.

The general logistics industry is a vital sector in India. Its market size projected to hit USD500 billion by 2025,growing at 16% annually.

Logistics plays a key element in India’s E-Commerce industry, which grew at an average rate of 28% per year in the last decade and is poised to grow by around 15% a year, to reach USD 25 billion by 2025.

Changes to Indian E-Commerce regulations, increased access to smartphones and low data prices in India have all contributed to the growth of E-Commerce which, in turn, has fuelled the growth of a large, nation-wide E-Commerce logistics industry. Covid-19 lock-downs are expected to fuel habit-formation around the ordering of goods via B2C e-commerce.

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