COVID-19 and the Future of Work in Indonesia

27 January 2021
Techno Business

COVID-19 and the Future of Work in Indonesia

Published in Techno Business Indonesia, Spire Consultant, Andre Wiguna, discusses how COVID-19 has contracted Indonesia’s economy yet spearheaded Indonesia’s digital transformation. With the expectation that work-from-home becomes the new normal, Wiguna provides insights into how this changes work relations and alters gender roles in the domestic sphere.

With global cases of COVID-19 increasing every day, the Southeast Asian economic juggernaut of Indonesia is not spared the onslaught of COVID-19. The disruption brought about to the mobility of people has unsurprisingly caused a contraction of 3.49% to Indonesia’s GDP in the third quarter of 2020.

With Indonesian companies quick to adapt the work-from-home arrangement, this new normal has unexpectedly resulted in a silver lining. Working parents have been able to better manage the division of household labour, offering much needed respite for working mothers to rebalance their professional and private lives. The intensification of Indonesia’s digitalisation in work processes is expected to boost government efficiency and aid Indonesia in fulfilling strategic plans in the future.

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