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시장 진입

시장 진입 Spire는 귀사의 성공적인 새로운 시장 개척을 위해 시장조사를 비롯하여 타당성 검토를 통한 솔루션을 제공합니다. 프랜차이즈 구축, 수출 전략 제안, 인허가, 현지 파트너 모색, 인수합병 등 다양한 솔루션이 포함 됩니다.

시장 확대

Spire는 새로운 세그먼트의 사용자 기반과 제품 사용을 확대하여 귀사의 시장 점유율을 높이는 성장 전략을 수립하는데 조언을 드립니다.

정부 지원 사업

Spire는 해외 시장 개발이나 외국인 직접 투자 유치와 같이 정부차원에서 지원하는 프로젝트를 훌륭히 수행한 경험과 실적을 가지고 있습니다.

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Spire spoke at the recent Singapore Business Federation webinar on the theme of managing business in Indonesia, discussing the role of technology.
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Global Reach:Bringing insights closer to you

We believe that you deserve the best support you need. Discover our offices in your local region

Global Reach:Bringing insights closer to you

We believe that you deserve the best support you need. Discover our offices in your local region

We Value Our Clients

We work with more than 3,000 clients worldwide. These are what Spire clients are saying.

The Almond Board of California, USA
“It was sincerely a pleasure working with a company like Spire, so dedicated to achieving excellence and client satisfaction. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Spire again on a future project. We were very pleased with the overall methodology, quality and breadth of the research study and found the observations and strategic recommendations in the final report extremely helpful and insightful. We were also impressed that Spire went above and beyond expectations to learn about the current almond usage versatility across the various markets via multiple store checks. This in turn ensured that the study design was customized to address our unique industry circumstances and information needs.”
Kristi Saitama
Associate Director for Asia-Pacific/Russia
GE Money, Singapore
“We have been very happy with the work done by Spire Research and Consulting in supporting the launch of the ezyCash brand. The research analysis and mapping gave us keen insights to the market, thereby enabling us to make a successful entry into the Singapore market. We would also like to commend the commitment / service level provided by the team at Spire!”
Rahul Gupta
Former Chief Marketing & CRM Officer
Hewlett-Packard Asia-Pacific, Singapore
“Thank you for the great and detailed work! Spire Research has helped us fulfill a unique business process assignment with value-added and acted as a feedback mechanism on our investment dollars and potential benefits!”
Alex Ng
Project Manager, CRM and Sales Tools IT for PSG Asia Pacific & Japan
Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction, Singapore
“We engaged Spire to provide market analysis in support of our business development efforts in Asia. Spire’s report proved to be highly reliable and actionable. It was most valuable in helping Hitachi Plant to identify and exploit concrete market opportunities to grow our business. We have worked with Spire on multiple projects and we expect to continue our partnership with them into the future.”
Quah Boon Tiong
Director of Finance and Administration
Innovation Norway
“Spire did a market research and report on Indonesian aquafarming for us with multiple purposes: to give the Norwegian industry an introduction to this market, to display business opportunities, and to give recommendations on how to enter into business. With the report based in a very comprehensive data catch, Spire has been able to provide an easy but thorough introduction to a big and complex market and with relevant and well-founded recommendations. Feedback tells us that the Norwegian industry appreciates the work done. It has been a pleasure to work together with the Spire team. A common understanding of goals and quality requirements has made cooperation easy.”
Ole Schanke Eikum
Commercial Counselor / Director
KONE, Singapore
“Spire prepared a market research project for KONE in South Asia that met our expectations in all regards. We were very comfortable with the presentations made and the backup research documentation that was provided. The Spire recommendations will help guide as we make our decisions to expand our business. We have no doubt that we will use their expertise in a future project.”
David McFadden
Regional Executive Director
SK Telekom
“Working with Spire was a pleasant experience. At first, I assumed that we would only receive a market research report on the e-commerce business. However at the end of project, they presented their insightful strategic direction and creative business suggestion, which had far exceeded our expectation. Since then, I have recommended Spire to my colleagues with no hesitation.”
Sue Song
Regional Manager, South East Asia, Global IPE Division