5G in emerging markets: opportunities and constraints

5G in emerging markets: opportunities and constraints

6 January 2021
Developing Telecoms

5G in emerging markets: opportunities and constraints

Spire’s Senior Manager, Albertus Edy Rianto, discussed the addressable opportunities and the impact of Covid-19 in Developing Telecom’s latest report on 5G.

In Developing Telecom’s most recent report, Leveraging the Benefits of 5G in Emerging Markets, Edy shared his insights on the importance of 5G for digital innovation and business growth.

5G technology is necessary for faster mobile internet to improve users’ digital experience. It is also needed to support improvements in data processing and rapid adoption of cloud services.

Edy noted that governments play an important role in the execution of 5G services by providing support and guidance to service operators. While the Covid-19 pandemic caused an increase in demand for mobile access and heightened expectations of 5G, it also caused delays in its deployment in several countries. Partial introduction has become a preferred strategy to shift the mindset of the users and prepare them for the 5G era.

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